Combined Mandarin language & Kung Fu pilot (ACT) school programme
– at St John the Apostle Primary school, Canberra Australia.

With the increasing importance of China to our economy, a knowledge of Mandarin may be of considerable value to Australians in the future. Other aspects of Chinese culture such as Kung Fu, provides an opportunity to improve your child’s fitness, confidence, and self-defence capabilities.

Taichi & Mandarin Solutions (TMS) is offering a combined Mandarin language & Kung Fu pilot (ACT) programme at St John the Apostle Primary school, Canberra Australia. The programme is designed to assist children to explore the richness of Chinese culture both in terms of the Chinese language and Kung Fu philosophy and practice.

The founder of the TMS, Mr Dapeng Wang, has close association with the St John the Apostle Primary School, due to the fact that his son is one of their pupils.
The pilot programme is held in the Multi-Purpose Room of the school on Thursdays, 3:30pm to 5:30pm, for a total of eight weeks started in term 3 (4 August 2016 – 22 September 2016). The first hour will provide instruction in Mandarin for children while the second hour will offer systematic and safe training in Kung Fu under the supervision of a Chinese Kung Fu master. All parents were invited to participate in the 2nd hour of Kung Fu training alongside their children free of charge.
The pilot programme has been a very successful class, and it will be implemented as an ongoing programme at this school starting from Term 4, 2016.

If your child is interested in taking on the studies of Chinese language, culture and Kung Fu practice, enrolment can be completed by filling the attached enrolment form and send it to the school Front Office before the commencement of the programme. TMS also offers the option on the form to sign up for Mandarin or Kung Fu independently.
If you have any questions about either of the courses offered, please feel free to contact TMS at or phone 0421 338 180.

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