Dear Chinese martial arts and culture fans:

I was overjoyed to learn today that Mr Dapeng WANG had established “Taichi & Mandarin Solutions” in Australia and is strenuously propagating traditional Chinese martial arts along with the Chinese language and culture. In doing so he has opened yet another window for Sino-Western cultural exchange, which is extremely gratifying!

Dapeng graduated with a major in Martial Arts Exercise Training from the Martial Arts Department of Shanghai Sports University. He was a paragon of virtue and learning, and his specialized martial arts skills were especially comprehensive. From childhood he practiced Cha Family Martial Arts, Heart and Will Six Harmonies Fist Martial Arts and Taichi Boxing and Weapons assiduously and was extremely competent at both practice and the fundamental skills.
Dapeng is also well versed in the current developments in martial arts techniques. What is especially noteworthy is how through his many years of teaching both at home and abroad, he has been able to dynamically synthesize traditional Chinese martial arts and Chinese traditional culture and use this in his rich teaching experience in order to make his instruction even more inspirational. It also allowed his students to more easily grasp his instruction and to experience even more deeply the essence of China’s martial arts culture. His instruction has attracted the highest accolades in every respect!
For this reason, I sincerely hope that the “Taichi & Mandarin Solutions” will be able to become a shining light in the life and activities of Australian society and furthermore, I trust that they will be able to bring health and happiness to all those over there!

20th July 2016
Professor Peikun Wang
Expert on the Experts Committee of the Martial Arts Research Institute of the State Sports Bureau
Deputy Director, Traditional Martial Arts Committee of the China Martial Arts Association
One of the Ten Distinguished Professors of Chinese Martial Arts
Level Nine Chinese Martial Arts Practitioner
International Judge of Martial Arts
Consultant to the Shanghai Martial Arts Association
Martial Arts Consultant to the Shanghai Sports Academy

Translated by:
Darrell Dorrington
10 Keene Place, Page, A.C.T. 2614
NAATI translator number: 11694
Mob. 0407263100
Date: 31/7/2016

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