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Wushu and Taichi – Parents’ expectations
In recent years, Wushu (aka Kung Fu) has received a great deal of publicity as a result of its portrayal in action movies, and in-depth discussion of its health benefits in the news and other media. In addition, martial arts demonstrations by renowned Wushu stars and masters have made more and more parents interested in sending their children for this type of education. Nevertheless, in spite of this increased interest, many parents still have a number of questions about the practice of Wushu and Taichi. I will attempt to answer these below.

What will my children actually learn from Wushu and Taichi?
The parents of children who study Wushu and Taichi training generally notice a significant effect on their children’s strength, speed, resistance to illness, and willpower. In addition there are often noticeable improvements in children’s coordination, directional sense, mental acuity, work ethic and perseverance. Even more important is that children develop respect for their teacher and the other students in the class, and this helps to lay a solid groundwork for future moral development, both within their martial arts practice, and in their lives more generally.

Kung Fu kid Vs parents
Some parent are concerned that their initially naughty children, will after acquiring Wushu and Taichi skills, be even more difficult to handle. There is no need to worry about this. Progress in Wushu and Taiji depends on the practice of methods that develop mental balance and self-discipline. Thus the child will, through the long-term practice of Wushu and Tai Chi, not only achieve a strong physique, good academic performance, and healthy social interactions, but, most importantly, will also develop a healthy and balanced personality.

What parents can do for our Kung Fu kids
Is the practice of Wushu and Taichi solely about helping children improve their health or prevent them from being bullied? This is to take too limited a view of the benefits to be had from this practice, and overlooks the real meaning of the Chinese Kungfu and its profound philosophy. The education we provide emphasises the special nature of this practice and how it is embedded within five thousand years of Chinese civilization. Thus, parents can support their children’s study by encouraging them to appreciate these deeper goals, to guide them in their systematic study, and to bring to their attention the progress you see in their development and their ability to take on future challenges.

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